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Thread: [Audio pub] Tantor Media

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    [Audio pub] Tantor Media

    I've been approached by www.tantor.com, interested in converting my WW2 novels into audio books. No details yet of how they work or what they are offering, but I found a thread in Kboards where the comments all suggested this is a legit company. One author spoke about "earning out her advance", which sounds promising.

    Anyone have any info they'd like to share?

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    When we (my agent and I) sold my books to Berkley, we kept the audio rights, and sold those to Tantor. They're a very legit audio book producer (the Big 5 also contract to them). Yes, I received an advance. I was consulted on their selection of a voice actor and on the covers, but other than that, It's been hands off.

    People seem to like the audio books, though! And they're selling.
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    I love Tantor's audio books. Very good company. Found in many libraries here in the Mid Atlantic states.
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    Yeah, Tantor is super legit. I don't remember what audiobook of theirs I listened to, but I know I did. It might have been The Girl with All The Gifts.
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    Tantor published one of my books into audio. I received an advance and sales have been good. They audio pub the likes of Penguin books and other books from very reputable publishers.


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