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Thread: starting a novel with dialog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey Fowler View Post
    Please provide an example.

    Gilead by Marilynne Robertson is my all-time favourite novel, and chief among my Books To Be Buried With. It starts with dialogue - reported, remembered dialogue. It's wonderful.

    ETA: Hang on while I find it for you -

    ETA2: There you go. Have a look inside.

    ETA3: She also starts Home with speech, but I don't know if one person speaking counts as dialogue.
    "Home to stay, Glory! Yes!" her father said, and her heart sank. He attempted a twinkle of joy at this thought, but his eyes were damp with commiseration. "To stay for a while this time!" he amended, and took her bag from her, first shifting his cane to his weaker hand. Dear God, she thought, dear God in heaven.
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