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Thread: OMNI Magazine / OMNI Reboot / Vocal

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    OMNI Magazine / OMNI Reboot / Vocal

    I submitted to this magazine when they were still calling themselves OMNI Reboot, and I think I found out about them from a Facebook submission group for SFF. I think I was seduced by the fact that they seem to be presenting themselves as an actual revival of OMNI.

    Anyway, I'm writing about them now because they accepted a story of mine. They sent the contract over, and part of the language of the contract was that they wanted me to assign copyright to them for a year (after which they said they'd return copyright) and, even though they are offering no payment, they would take the right to make any money in any fashion off of the story I submitted to them. Also, after they return copyright, they reserve the right to publish the story on any website the company owns (that company being Jerrick Media) and in any anthology they want, and while that isn't necessarily different from many other magazines, the contract also stipulates that I'd only be able to republish my story on my own personal website. Not in book form. Not to a reprint market.

    I usually don't post about magazines here, but the market is new and this is such a complete rights grab that I felt a warning was in order. In good news, the editor I was in contact with had absolutely no problem with my withdrawal and was completely cordial. Honestly, the contract read as though taken from the non-publishing world and/or written by someone inexperienced in publishing.
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