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Thread: Stage 32

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    Cool Stage 32

    I couldn't find a thread here, so I thought I would start one about Stage 32:

    I am a novelist who is fairly new to screenwriting, and I am finding that I love it, maybe even more than writing novels, mainly because I have always loved movies and everything about them.

    One of the best resources I have discovered so far is Stage 32. I stumbled on it by accident when I was researching places to send out my sci-fi/horror screenplay. After completing a script based on one of my own books a couple of years ago, I began sending it out.

    The rejections piled up quickly. My agency at the time (Trident Media Group) did not represent screenplays and still doesn't. I began researching agents, managers and producers in Hollywood. I even tried a few actors. It was like pounding on a 20-foot-thick concrete wall. Not only was I not getting through, no one could even hear me.

    I found some sites like Ink Tip, Virtual Pitch Fest and others, and they were all good, but I didn't feel that I got anything for my money with any of them. Stage 32, however - different story. I have gotten more accomplished with them in a few weeks than I have in the last two years. InkTip did help me craft a better logline/synopsis, but that was about it. I never hooked up with anyone on there or on Virtual Pitch Fest. I never tried Black List because everyone said to avoid them, so I did. I also entered several contests, at over $50 a pop, and didn't even make semi-finalist. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I have read a buttload of top-notch screenplays from major Hollywood productions and my screenplay holds its own with any of them.

    Within the first week, I had pitched two or three producers/managers/agents etc. at $30 a pop on Stage 32 and began getting script requests. I don't know if industry people take them more seriously or what, I just know that I was getting results.

    Fast forward a month or two and several rewrites, and I now have a screenplay being reviewed by one of the producers at the Dino de Laurentiis Company. Before Stage 32, I couldn't even get anyone to read my logline, let alone the entire script. And I am an author with several traditionally-published books. But with every rejection and every letter of feedback, my screenplay gets better and better as do my chances.

    Anyhow, this isn't a paid ad for Stage 32 - I just really like them. Anyone who wants to get ahead in the industry and has no contacts, I definitely recommend them.
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