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Thread: [Agency] Orange Magnolia Literary (Sylvia Dickey Smith)

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    [Agency] Orange Magnolia Literary (Sylvia Dickey Smith)

    This is a new one that popped up on the Publisher's Marketplace. Vaguely states her experience. What other agents are working there, I don't know. It mentions on the PM that she has books that won awards, but they are not listed. Why? I don't know that either.

    If anyone has more info on them, please share. thanks
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    Huh. I don't have any additional information, but I have to wonder what connections she has to get other people published? A quick look at her Amazon page shows Crispin Books and White Bird Publications plus at least one self-published short story. I do think it's interesting she's in Georgetown, Texas, since that's where I grew up.

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    An author who decided to set out an "I'm an agent" shingle?

    Wait a year to see if she has any sales.

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    Site and PM page are gone, but she's still active on FB:
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