Okay, maybe Hate is too strong a word, but thought it'd be more eye-catching and to the point. "Books by an author or in a genre you don't normally read, but decided to sample on a whim," just felt too long.

I had nothing better to do one day, so I picked up "My Life Undecided" by Jessica Brody and found myself really enjoying it. I don't normally go for frothy teen romances and yeah, Shayne Kingsley was way too stereotypical mean girl, but it was an enjoyable read and hey, I can relate to the protagonist. The main impetus of the plot is launched when she basically is like "I cannot remember the last good decision I ever made," and I can actually relate. Except my problem is that I get paralyzed by choices and possibilities and can't do anything. I often think I should just have strangers on the Internet decide stuff for me, since I can't make decisions, like at all, but yeah, I've been on the Internet, I've seen things, and know that strangers on the Internet can be very scary. Oh and for the record, I'm aware that choosing not to decide is in itself a choice. It doesn't help.

Anyway, it's not high lit, not Laurie Halse Anderson, but still an enjoyable read and I recommend it.