Oh my, where to begin? Anyone else watch this yet?

Eight extremely tight, well-paced episodes of dark, supernatural fun -- psychokinesis, mysterious government ESP experiments gone very awry, and a dimension-hopping monster -- with some very talented child actors, and a good supporting cast including Winona Ryder, who plays the mother of a child gone missing in episode one. Ryder plays this with a perfect mix of fear, pain and anger, insisting that her boy is sending her messages through her house's electrical surges.

Big shout-out too for David Harbour, who plays the local sheriff, a burn-out who begins to see enough weird sh*t to persuade him that maybe Ryder's character isn't nuts after all.

But it's really the two child leads -- Millie Bobbie Brown as "Eleven", and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, friend of the missing boy -- who sell this show. They're really good; can't think of when I've seen better from children in a television series.

Love the soundtrack, which effectively echoes early 80s films. (The synth-heavy soundtrack brings to mind those of "Big Trouble in Little China" and "The Terminator", with plenty of 80s radio hits for a nostalgic backdrop.)

We binge-watched the series in three nights, and are going through withdrawals now.