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Thread: Dark Hall Press

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    Dark Hall Press

    I don't see a thread about this press or the parent company, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone have any experience with this publisher? Looks like they have about a dozen titles. I don't like the look of the covers, most seem pretty amateurish. Otherwise, the information on the website is pretty minimal. Thanks for any info!

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    They're an imprint of New Street Communications.

    And their web site hurts my eyes.

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    I agree with your assessment - their covers don't inspire much confidence.

    They have a Facebook page with a little over 2k likes. They also have a Twitter account that is following more people than the number of followers it has. Their books don't have many reviews at all - less than five, some with just 1 review.

    On their submission page...they demand exclusivity in submissions. That's preposterous considering they're a small house. And not only that, they also don't guarantee a response due to the volume of submissions they receive. I find that hard to believe - that they receive a whole lot of submissions.

    They only have one editor listed... who's page doesn't show any previous publishing experience, but merely that he's college educated. He does have a few publications of his own though.

    Personally...I would pass.
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    Michael Bray has one title through them, and doesn't want you to buy it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cmhbob View Post
    Michael Bray has one title through them, and doesn't want you to buy it.

    Thanks for sharing the link. Excellent reading. Bray's examples of how his contract was/is worded were helpful to read (so we know what to look out for in our own contracts).
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    There's also some stuff stirring up on the HWA Facebook page about this publisher right now. I asked the OP on FB to come post about it here on AW.
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