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Thread: [Publishing svcs] BookCaliber

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    [Publishing svcs] BookCaliber

    I was researching new promo sites and came across this company.

    This is the first time a company has left me absolutely speechless. There's so much bad here I can't believe someone recommended them and BookBub in the same sentence.

    Spelling errors throughout the site. No info about who runs the company. Company sells awards. No examples or testimonials of their publishing services. Pricing structure that makes no sense. $25 for an ebook cover. $100 to publish on Amazon.

    You know durian, the stinky fruit? Sit next to a lady with a bag full of those before using Book Caliber.
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    Dearie me. That spelling really isn't very good.

    Book awards on your cover help provide social proof and peek the interest of potential readers.
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    They also have an email address, which is not terribly professional.

    That's a whole orchard of durian!

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    Would you buy a cover from a company that doesn't display any of their covers on their own website?

    So much wrong with this one.
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    And *poof*, it's gone.

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