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Thread: Purple Toga Publications

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    Purple Toga Publications

    These folks followed me on Twitter this morning: Purple Toga Publications

    Their Twitter profile states they're "a new model indie publisher of Fantasy, SciFi, Historical Fiction and more." Their free Wordpress website is scant on information, although from the language it appears they're a vanity press, offering publishing services as well as publication (although you have to email for specifics, which I would assume includes a menu of packages and prices).

    They have no principals listed and I couldn't find them on LinkedIn. However, they state pretty baldly that they don't have an in-house editorial and design staff, but utilize freelancers for those services. A link to their editorial freelancer's website results in a page with a banner reading EDITORIAL SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO ILLNESS, which doesn't exactly fill one with confidence. It may also explain why Purple Toga is not accepting submissions right now. They have one book out (published in October 2015) and another one apparently in the pipeline, although there's no substantive information about when that will be released (again, perhaps due to their editor's illness). The first couple of chapters of that book are currently posted on, which seems...odd.

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    At the bottom of the Services page, there's this:

    Please contact us to find out more about what we can do to you.


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