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There's no easy way to ask this, but are there any AW's who have written & published Trump erotica? I know, gross, right!? Believe it or not, it seems to be a genre enjoying a bit of a bubble right now. Plenty on Amazon & Wattpad, don't see as many on Smashwords.

I want to start posting reviews of other people's, um, work, on my blog, try my best to start a Trump porn repository. So is anyone on here one of these weird people who have done this? Probably not, so hopefully this thread will quietly die. But if you have, and want a review, lemme know (i'll post it on Goodreads too). I figure this belongs in the humor thread more than erotica cause, y'know, c'mon!
To be honest, Kjbartolotta, Teh peeps have not been pounding my inbox (so to speak) with requests to post Trump erotica. That said, your request brings up a couple of issues. 1. Erotica doesn't belong in the humor forum. It belongs in the erotica forum. B. Political stuff (i.e. Trump) belongs in P&CE, not the humor forum. III. AW is not here to funnel stuff to members' blogs.

With all that in mind, I'ma close this. If anyone so inclined to write any Trump pRon, I'm looking at you CassandraW, chooses to follow your links, that's their choice.