They are a publishing services provider. Started following me on Twitter the other day and I was curious to see what they offered.

Editing Services
$59 for a beta read and feedback. Aka $59 to tell you your book is awesome and should definitely be published and please give us some more of your money. Proofreading and proofreading with feedback are the only other editing they offer. At .003/word and the average novel word count of 90k, you get to pay them $270 to run spell check and again tell you your book is awesome and please buy more services.

Publishing Services
$29 or $39 gets you a nice bland cover with a forgettable stock image and uninspiring fonts. This will surely make your book stand out from the 12 million other titles on Amazon.

The sample of print book formatting leads me to believe they think starting a chapter on the left page is acceptable.

I'm not going to dissect the rest of their website. It's more examples of overcharging for things that don't work or have little worth and things authors can do themselves for free.

This company, like so many others, wants to be a one stop shop. That rarely works out in the author's favor.