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Thread: The Red Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity & Talent Agency

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    The Red Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity & Talent Agency

    I just ran across a Red Carpet Connection LLC (, to include an Andrea Adams-Miller. I haven't found any info so far and was referred by a friend, who was a friend who hadn't talked to her in a while. Anyway, I'm wondering if this is actually the same company resurrected. It says it has traditional and self publishing, as well as subsidy (whatever that is), but some of it looks funny to me. Anyone know anything? Anyone getting any vibes?
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    Don't know if it's the same company. Quoting their site:
    Discover the Secrets to the Publishing & Publicity World that Most Publishers Don't Want YOU to Know!

    Free GIFT - Special Secret Report Revealing What
    YOU Need to Know Before YOU Publish

    Yeah, the vibes I'm getting are 'do not touch'. Any pertinent and useful information about publishing can already be found online, for free, with a little discipline and Google-Fu.

    In my limited experience, authors who fall for the 'speshul secrets' pitch have other reasons why commercial publishers and agents might be rejecting their work.

    The key word here is 'subsidy'. That's what vanity publishers like to call themselves these days, and it means that most authors who submit to them can expect a pay-to-publish pitch.

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