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Thread: Other places to post writing

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    Other places to post writing

    I already post on quite a few sites including: Quotev, Mibba,, Wattpad, and Writers-Network but aside from WN they're all fairly Fan-Fiction related so I'm looking for more sites that I can post on which include more Original Fiction sites that aren't as centered around FF.

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    Figment (Personal Favorite) and Scribophile (Heard lots of good things but haven't had time to actually try it.)

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    You could also check Submission Grinder for places to submit. Then you'd get a publication credit if you place something.
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    I'm just getting into writing forums, and the only place I found potentially worth my time besides this place (so far) is Scribophile. They have a really nice interface for critiques, although I'm not a huge fan of their overall organizations. They have lots of groups, but you get into a lot and find they post rarely or are completely outdated. You earn karma for giving certain kinds of critiques, and you need karma in order to submit something to be critiqued.

    It has both free and paid memberships. Unfortunately, they really push for the paid membership. You can only have two pieces up for critique if you have a free membership. Sure, I can delete them once I've gotten feedback, but if I could keep them up readers of my later characters could reference those old pieces.

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    I used to more widely push Scribophile. I still enjoy it, but I don't like how they encourage 3000 word submissions, asking writers to break up stories and chapters into 2 and 3 parts. It makes absolute no sense to me to read the 2nd half of a story, or the 2nd half of a chapter, or to get critiqued in similar fashion. I see writers on there begging people to go back and read the first part of their story/chapter.

    But I still do post regularly on Scribophile, and though 3000 words are encouraged, I've been able to post as much as 5000 words without a warning from the site's creator. Anything more and he sends a private email asking for the story/chapter to be broken up. However, I still recommend the site, though not as highly as before.

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    figuring it all out
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    You might try Silver Pen Writers Association org. You can submit in any genre and everything submitted will almost certainly get a review. Unfortunately, most of the reviews are rather perfunctory.
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