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Thread: Christian Faith Publishing

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    Christian Faith Publishing

    I saw a commercial about these folks, and I thought I'd check to see if we had anything on them here.

    The website pitched them as a kind of agent, who gets manuscripts in front of Christian publishers (or so it seemed to me), but that doesn't seem to match their website to me.

    I have no interest in writing for the Christian market, but I thought we should probably have a thread on them.

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    Perpetually in transit Helix's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Far North Queensland
    Vanity publisher, by the look of things.

    How much might this cost me if my book is accepted?

    While the investment required of our accepted authors to bring a book to the world-wide market varies based upon the intricacies of each book, all of our authors are fortunate enough to undertake the production, distribution and marketing of their book via an affordable and manageable monthly fee which is recovered by the author before we are entitled to any royalty compensation whatsoever!

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    Christine Tripp ctripp's Avatar
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    Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    Ads for writers on TV would certainly imply it is Vanity publishing and just recently I've started seeing a lot of these ads on TLC. The most telling is the owner video describing "what is self publishing". The usual misinformation and put downs of Commercial publishers are spoken (to build up their method), but he actually DOES say you would be self publishing with CFP. Elsewhere on their site, there is mention of financial contribution to the publishing but no figure amount. Still, though the writer pays, they, the press, take a portion of any book sales as well, so it's not strictly self publishing as we understand it.

    Both of the addresses given (US and Canada) for CFP are the same as for this "self publishing" company, Fulton Books. Fulton though does have a price per package listing on their site,
    I don't know if the two just share office space, or if CFP is the newer branch/christian imprint of sorts, of Fulton.
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