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Thread: Chanticleer Book Reviews

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    Chanticleer Book Reviews

    Hey folks! I'm relatively new to the AW forums, but from what I can tell from browsing this sub-forum, its seems like the appropriate forum to ask this question.

    When browsing the bios of other authors at a recent convention, I noticed one author had won a contest sponsored by Chanticleer. That led me to the Chanticleer Book Reviews site. In addition to offering paid book reviews (similar to sites like Kirkus and Self-Publishing Review) they also host fairly regular book contests, as listed on this page.

    While I have participated in writing contests in the past (and even placed a few times!) all those contests have been for short stories, and none of them have charged an entry fee. I'm unsure about standard practices for longer work. The Chanticleer contests do charge an entry fee ($55.00 US) but, given that they're dealing with multiple 100k+ word novels (rather than 5k short stories) I can see there being a need to charge in order to limit entries (only submit if you're serious enough to commit $55.00), and to cover their overhead.

    So, I'm looking for opinions or information on Chanticleer's contests. Is it normal for a writing contest for novel length work to charge an entry fee? And is their claim that winning one of these contests may be a way to get an agent or editor interested in your work (or gain exposure for a work you've already published) accurate?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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    Read this thread, especially around post #4.

    I'm inclined to be extremely skeptical of Chanticleer's claims.

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    My thoughts on writing contests in general are these: if a book is good enough to win a legitimate contest, it's good enough to be legitimately published without a contest.

    Every publisher on the planet has a contest every day. The entry fee is "submission," and the prize is "a reasonable advance."

    With only a couple of exceptions (e.g. Writers of the Future) the only contest wins you see listed on the covers of paperbacks or the dust jackets of hardcovers are prizes for already published works (e.g. Pulitzer). With those latter contests, the publisher pays the entry fee (if any).


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