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Thread: My cyber-query of; "The lusty duck."

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    My cyber-query of; "The lusty duck."

    Here is a photo of Lusty Duck making his move on the wrong sex, as well as species.

    I was recently cyber-gabbing with some folks on a variety of mundane subjects. When I received a response to one of my asides. I can't even remember what my comment was or what it related to. Which is a sure sign that neither one was of any particular import.

    None the less it registered enough on someones "word-o-meter" scale to cause the person to generate a bland, short text-ed "thumbs up" to some turn of phrase, or twist of meaning that I employed.

    Whether the twisting, turning, meaning or phrase was intentional, accidental, or even actual I couldn't tell you. But this guy had a user name that he signed off with that started to work on my thought process. Not in pleasant ways either. His user name was "lusty duck"

    Below is my response to his comment, on my comment, on somebody else's comment, about something or other.


    Howdy, and hello Lusty Duck!

    I have never; conversed with a duck before. Lusty, or other wise. But hey! When in Rome, loot and pillage like the Vandals, Visigoths, and the other Germanic and hoards are doing is what I say!

    By my way of thinking, a lusty duck would be a lucky duck. That is, if there are other lusty, or horny ducks near by.

    Perversely. Excuse me. Conversely, said lusty duck would be an unlucky duck if he was stuck at this hormonal apex of a mounting, building, "where the f**k is there a duck that I can f**k!" With no duck lusty or otherwise within duck shot.

    It would seem to me that you'd be needing a duck that shared the mutual urge of ducks that were lusty. Or at the very least, a heavy drinking duck, that you could ply with high proof alcohols, combined with some sweet and fruity mixer. One of them "Stealth Bomb" cocktails.

    You know, one of those liquid persuasion enhancers that will have the soon to be lucky duck drunk and plucking her feathers and yours at the same time. Until you are two completely shucked ducks.

    Are you getting all this? Are we even on the same page here? Or do I need to slow down? Back up? Or maybe it would be best if I just stopped right here and waited till I knew you a little better?

    But I gotta tell ya, this whole duck lust thing is gnawing at my brain stem. I have never thought about ducks "doing it" until now and; Sweet Jesus with a 12 gauge, in a duck blind! It's like a badger is racing around in my brain pan. Gnawing away at my inner child or something!

    Sooner or later, I'm gonna have to get some answers. I mean, I need closure on this whole f**k a duck thing!
    That's all I got to say for now.

    Sorry I said this much.

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