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Thread: Unnamed Press (formerly Ricochet Books)

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    figuring it all out
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    Jul 2013

    Unnamed Press (formerly Ricochet Books)

    Attempted launch in 2013 by Chris Heiser and Olivia Smith as Ricochet Books, but ran into troubles with a poetry imprint with the same name. Relaunched in 2014 as Unnamed Press. They are based in Los Angeles, and tend to favor foreign writers and genre-defying manuscripts. The founders are both formerly from the Los Angeles Review of Books, where they met and decided to start an independent press.

    They list just over 20 published titles at the time this post was written, and are distributed through Publishers Group West. They seem to be averaging about 10 titles a year at their current pace. They are making some deals with literary agents, since I did get some 'dealmaker' hits from Publishers Marketplace that show an agent making a deal with Unnamed Press. A sister imprint, Phoneme Media, is a nonprofit press that focuses on poetry. Another imprint, 'Unzipped' is in the process of being launched this year. That imprint will be digital only, and is geared towards romance titles.

    I've done some digging, and they seem to have some good press coverage.

    Unnamed Press Creating Home For Contemporary Authors (Publishers Weekly)

    Unnamed Press is Making Waves by Defying Genres (Chicago Review of Books)

    Talking with the publishers of new L.A.-based Unnamed Press (Los Angeles Times)

    LAs Unnamed Press: Relatable Foreign Fiction, Unlikely Protagonists (Publishing Perspectives)

    Chris Heiser, editor and publisher of The Unnamed Press, on the imprint's mission and vision (YouTube)

    Websites & social media:

    Main website

    So, that's what I have on this publisher. Given that they are relatively new, it's hard to find much about working with them. They don't list much of info about queries or submissions, other than, "Queries and submissions can be addressed to info @ unnamedpress DOT com." The press looks favorable, so they certainly have made a name for themselves. But has anyone else heard of them before? Does anyone know of any complaints or the like?

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    figuring it all out C Alberts's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    I don't know anything about them from an author's perspective, but I can say they seem to be doing things right in terms of efforts to get into bookstores. Solid distribution with PGW, as you said, and I've seen a couple of galleys for some of their books. They look pretty good, and they are getting them to store buyers. It also looks like they are getting reviews in Kirkus regularly and some in Library Journal as well. Whether or not this is translating into sales, I don't know. But I see no red flags from where I sit.

    (I do wonder if the PGW distribution situation will change much now that Ingram bought it out, and how that will impact all these great little presses, but that's a bigger conversation and probably suited for a different part of the forum...)

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Dec 2015
    Has anyone submitted? Given the lack of guidelines, I don't really know what to send.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2016
    I am happy to say that their guidelines seem to be: Send us your book.
    I sent an excerpt, they liked it, they followed up and asked for the complete manuscript and now...hoping for the best.
    Really nice, thoughtful, open-minded people as far as I can tell.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Dec 2015
    Thanks for the info & congratulations on the request! Hope it goes well


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