Summary: Invitation Only small e-press that is putting out open calls (f/f,m/m, f/m both cis & trans) soon. Anthology terms: "You will receive a flat rate $75 inclusion fee. Contract length is five years and you will receive two paperback copies as well as one PDF copy."

Interesting Highlights:
- The SHOP link goes to a broken page which I reported to the webmaster.
- There is a page where readers can pitch anthology ideas which is a novel feature.
- The owners have a statement on the website saying they donate "5% of all sales to one organization supporting the LGBTQ community and one organization supporting animal welfare."

Seems like your typical start-up micropress in its first 1-2 years so standard warning applies. I did appreciate the trans fiction section so if you write that then it might be worth your time to submit to their anthologies.

From the About Me Page:

"Thirteen Below Press was founded in January of 2015 by two fellow authors fed up with the run around. We keep our author pool small in order to give each author and their story the time and attention deserved. From light feel good reads to the dark depths of a slave filled world Thirteen Below publishes the whole spectrum of emotion."


Lor Rose | Founder, President, CEO, Director of Public Relations, Director of Operations, Art Director

If it was the one thing I swore I’d never wanted when I started out in this publishing game it was to become involved on the publishing side of things. Now? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thirteen Below Press was long in coming and I’m proud to call this little company mine.

Tracey Steinbach | Vice President, CFO, Acquisitions Manager
My dream has always been to read for a living. I fell into writing on a whim, but it quickly became a dream, too. With Thirteen Below Press, two dreams are being realized at the same time. Now, I’m going to help you realize your dream."