Some things that are problematic; certain kinds of fund drives because of legal implications (50 states, and some countries).

Calling things a donation because the word means different things legally, and that's different in 50 states and some countries.

Swag will be forthcoming. Trying to time it with the upcoming server upgrade, which will take AW offline for a day or two, and will be announced in advance.

Swag is largely a fun thing; it likely won't make much money, but it does show that we appreciate our wonderful members and community.

Books are great in terms of things we've done as a community, but they're not as effective in terms of funds as people might like. There's also the thing that really, writers should be paid. Mac still hasn't made back what it cost to pay writers and the artists who illustrated Absolute Visions. Mind, it wasn't intended to be a fund raiser, and it really and truly was intended as a community project and learning experience.

We do use affiliate links, and I'm working on an FAQ about those.

And we also don't want to make people think they have to contribute monetarily. Some people can't and we understand that.

The thing about affiliate links is that you're buying something you'd buy anyway, we won't know who bought what, and it doesn't cost you extra to buy it from a link. So there's that.