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Thread: Ad Networks? (facing the MetaFilter quandary)

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    MacAllister's Official Minion & Greeter AW Moderator Ari Meermans's Avatar
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    Hi, All

    For those of you who don't know me, Ari ain't a bit shy.

    When you searched for answers to your writing questions and needed to know who the recommended agents and publishers are—and who the scammers are—where did you go find the answers you needed? AbsoluteWrite. And you stayed for the camaraderie as well as for the trustworthy answers to your questions. I did, too. You can't imagine how happy I was to find AW in December 2010 and then to join in January 2011. From my Join Date until now, AbsoluteWrite has grown by an additional 20,000 (+/-) members. And all of us together old and new help build a wonderful community of writers, each of us helping each other.

    Mac has completely committed herself to providing this safe haven for us since she purchased AW in 2006. The server Mac owns, the software (and the upgrades we need but can't afford) cost money to keep running each month and, as Mac has shown us in her OP, the ads we all despise don't bring in nearly enough revenue to keep AW going. Mac is shouldering that gap in cost. Mac doesn't take a salary from AW, in case you might not have known that little fact. She works full time and then some most weeks. Same goes for Lisa our AW Admin.

    We need Mac and AbsoluteWrite and now Mac and AW need us.

    At the bottom of every AW forum page—and it's as unobtrusive as all get-out—you will see this button:

    Our community is now almost 65,000 members strong and a monthly subscription by even a fraction of that number will make all the difference in ensuring AW is always here for us. If only 100 of us subscribe at $10.00 to $15.00 a month we can substantially close the gap between ad revenue and cost.

    If even more of us contribute whatever we can—even as little as $1.00 to $5.00 a month—we can not only close that gap we can also get the storage space needed for our ginormous database, the increased RAM we desperately need for running the server, and even look into getting the upgrades so many of us have been asking about.

    I've now committed to contributing to AW each month and to trying to help ensure AW will always be here for us. I hope everyone else who can will, too.
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