I'm going to my first yoga class this week. I've thought about yoga for many years, read about it, bought various books and videos, but haven't ever really done it. Unless you count the day way back in high school some of gathered at dawn to do a Sun Salutation, as best as we could remember it.

There's a yoga studio a couple of miles from my house. I'm in healing mode from a medical condition and want to work on flexibility and muscle strength. Enlightenment may follow along, and I would welcome that, but I want to focus on the physical at first.

I'm a bit confused by all the different types of yoga. The only one I know I won't do is Bikram because I don't feel well in overheated rooms. I plan to start with a "gentle yoga" class.

If you practice yoga, please tell me about it. How long have you done it? Have you experimented with different types?