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Thread: Hyperpowers anthology open for submissions [.03/word]

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    Hyperpowers anthology open for submissions [.03/word]

    Third Flatiron is excited to announce a guest editor for the Summer 2016 anthology, Hyperpowers, Bascomb James. His previous anthologies include Far Orbit and Far Orbit Apogee.

    The theme for Hyperpowers features space opera and military science fiction stories. Space operas are dramatic, large-scale science fiction adventures focusing on character and plot action. We’ll be looking for page-turners, adventure stories that keep us on the edge of our seats. Mindless mayhem just doesn’t cut it. We want compelling science fiction tales that wake our emotions and stimulate our imagination. Submissions are open and are due March 15. Check out our submission guidelines.

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    Just drafted up my submission today .
    Find my work here:

    TRANSPECIAL - Humanity Fired First.
    The Silent Years - when the world ends, how will you survive?


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