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Thread: KERNPUNKT Press

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    Grr. Argh. Thedrellum's Avatar
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    New publisher (one title that is either out--and not on Amazon or anywhere but the publisher's site--or available for pre-order) that started mid-2015.

    Charges a submission fee of $10.

    Even though they charge that submission fee, they strike me most as coming out of the literary/academic journal world (where fees are (sadly) becoming more prevalent). They're interested in experimental literature:

    KERNPUNKT is an independent publisher of literary fiction, science fiction, art & architecture, historical fiction, and children's books.
    We enjoy symbolism, non-traditional plots, unique characters, taboo, and experimentation.
    ​In short, we value art over entertainment.

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    Heckuva good sport frimble3's Avatar
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    We enjoy symbolism, non-traditional plots, unique characters, taboo, and experimentation.
    I'd like to see this in children's books. Lewis Carroll pulled it off, I guess.

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    figuring it all out IGLOOGREENHOUSE's Avatar
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    Reading fee? Pssh.

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    Write. Write. Writey Write Write. mrsmig's Avatar
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    A brand-new publisher which has no books currently available for perusal and what looks like a pretty green editorial team. Per Linked In, their editor in chief's background seems to be mostly in library science and IT. She lists three years with LES Review as "Proprietor/Head Editor." I'm guessing from the "Proprietor" job title that this was some sort of publication she may have started, but since I can't find any information about it I wonder if it no longer exists.

    The reading fee is off-putting, particularly for a publisher with no track record.

    I'd give it two years and see what happens.
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    Romance with Kick-Assitude! Cassie Knight's Avatar
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    Two years? I wouldn't give them 2 seconds if they are charging me to read my submission. Pfft.
    Cassiel Knight
    Publisher, Champagne Book Group
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