I'm writing a story about a couple of cops on the trail of a serial killer. I've written the outline of the plot and everything but there's one space in which I'm having trouble. My story doesn't have action in it and it has a possibility to get boring. Just to clarify, this is not in the thriller genre which needs suspense and tension. This is more of a buddy-cop genre with elements of comedy throughout. But because of my premise and story, it doesn't qualify as an action comedy yet.

In most buddy-cop movies, they have to take down a drug empire/drug lord. So there's action in that. Fighting with the henchmen, being attacked by a gang, etc. But since in my story, they are chasing a serial killer, I can't have the same mechanisms. And the killer taunts and challenges them but never physically.

So could anybody please help me out here? How can I have action scenes in this kind of story?

This has been really troubling me. I don't want to part with the premise and I'm unable to work out this particular problem. I'll be really grateful for any help and/or clarity regarding this. Many thanks!