Didn't see this online market in the AW Bewares. Thought I'd add it for anyone who was looking.


Lightspeed is an award-winning SF/F 'zine edited by John Joseph Adams, editor and anthologist. And who has his own imprint at HMH as of November 2015... I bring this up because there will be a post for the imprint shortly.

I believe several of the Inkpunks work at Lightspeed too.

There is, however, an AW thread (begun in 2015) about when Lightspeed opens to submissions. From what writers there say, Lightspeed is really fast to respond. I figured that'd be handy if anyone was interested.

Its sister magazine Nightmare is for horror/dark fantasy (its AW thread here.)

[FYI: I haven't worked with JJA directly myself, but he guest-edited Shimmer Magazine when I was one of their copy editors.]