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Thread: Alternative Book Press

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    Alternative Book Press


    Has anyone had any experience with Alternative Book Press?


    I know that they are fairly new (established in 2012 by Colombia University and Cornell University graduates), but with that being said, has anyone had any personal experience submitting manuscripts to them, any responses/conversations with them, etc., that they can share?


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    I don't know about you, but I'd want a publisher staffed by seasoned professionals with demonstrable experience in the publishing business - not a bunch of nameless folk whose only claim is that they're college grads. Hell, we don't even know what field their degrees are in (although my guess is English lit).

    Their covers are so-so. The books I looked at on Amazon, while lacking any glaring grammar, punctuation or formatting errors, were badly in need of content editing. And with fewer than 25 books published in ABP's three-year existence, I'm betting this is a part-time gig for the company's principals. I'm also betting many of them are also the company's authors.
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