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Thread: Atuanui Press

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    Atuanui Press

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any dealings with New Zealand based Atuanui Press? I don't think thy are a vanity publisher, but they don't look exactly 'traditional.' Anyone?
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    These people? Link:

    We distribute through Ingram, who has a world-wide footprint, partnerships with bookstores, and agents determined to sell your book. Bolding mine, I am confused about this.

    Followed by this in their submission guidelines:

    Manuscripts must be professionally edited before being submitted for publication. If you need a referral to an editor that Lang Book Publishing, Limited endorses, please ask for a referral to our partner editors who can do your full editing for $.025 a word, on average. We would prefer that if you are paying an editor that you contact us so the editor uses our authorized style sheet. (Bolding mine)Yep, ring the alarm. Smells like vanity.
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    Has some vanity language.

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