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Thread: [Editing] The Literary Spa (Camille Cline)

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    Question [Editing] The Literary Spa (Camille Cline)

    Does anyone have any information (good or bad) about "The Literary Spa" ( or Camille Cline?

    Its basically a editing/coaching business. Her posted resume has her as an editor (either Senior or Acquisition) with Taylor Publishing Company Cader Books , and Tor for a while. I am not really sure how to verify these references, but before I really dive into her services I just wanted to validate her legitimacy.

    Thanks guys

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    I last saw Camille a few months ago, which was when she told about this Literary Spa thing she's doing now. I haven't talked to anyone who's used Literary Spa's services, so I can't vouch for that, but Camille Cline and her references are quite real.
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    Thank you so much for replying. This is what I needed to know - since she is whom she said she is, I respect her industry experience, and well, frankly, would pay quite a bit to get her advice on my work.

    Thanks again!

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    (Proposal coaching, development, and writing)
    We deliver careful attention to detail combined with a deep editorial massage during this truly delightful treatment. Focusing, developing, and revising efforts tighten your project in preparation for pampering and polishing that leaves your book silky and smooth.
    *giggle* I like her style.

    I see she lists LS as a division of "CNC Literary Associates". I'll wager that's her corporate identity and not an agency per se.
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