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Thread: [eMag] Duende

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    practical experience, FTW NateSean's Avatar
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    [eMag] Duende

    Another letter was sent to our writer's group. It seems to be connected to a legitimate college out of rural Vermont, so not necessarily a scam, but I have my doubts anyway.

    In the first place they specify in their guidelines that it is free to submit your work. That shouldn't be something you have to specify.

    The fact that they e-mailed our website specifically and not any of the authors who are a part of the group bothers me. Our group could be a front for drug smuggling for all they know, but they're asking us for unpaid content nonetheless. It's a teensy bit insulting when you consider that many of the writers in my group have genuine book deals and writing credits to their name.

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else has received their e-mails, or has any insights.
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    Preparing for winter VeryBigBeard's Avatar
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    I don't know that I immediately expect an author's group to be a front for drug smuggling (though now you've given me the idea...) but this does seem like an odd way to reach out.

    Glancing at the (absolutely massive) staff page, I'd guess rookie error, because none of them seem to have any publishing experience. Most also, frankly, look under the age of 30.

    It actually looks a bit like a college literary magazine that's trying to grow a bit. Which isn't bad. I don't get scam screaming at me out of that, either. I don't know how much exposure your story would get by subbing it there, but it's a market.

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    Grr. Argh. Thedrellum's Avatar
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    It's a college lit mag, as VeryBigBeard says, which usually means a rotating editorial staff made up of students. It's experience for them and exposure for writers since, often, college literary magazines submit to the Pushcart Prize and are scanned by those reading for the annual Best American Short Stories/Poetry/Whathaveyou anthologies. I'm not sure why they e-mailed your group--I imagine it was one student's plan for growing the submission pool. Part of the editorial duties on such a magazine (at least in my experience, when I was part of one) is soliciting work. Usually this means from established writers you admire, but could also be taken to mean just getting the name of the magazine out there.

    The reason for saying that it's free to submit is that many literary magazines have started charging for submissions. They switch their submission method to Submittable or their own software and then claim that the fee they're asking for is equivalent to what you might spend on postage. I hate that practice, but due to the prevalence of it (especially with many higher profile literary magazines) it's almost become standard to make it clear that submitting IS free.

    So, definitely not a scam, but whether it's worth it to submit there depends on what you want from your work.


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