In 2008, people from Azbooka, a Russian publisher, went onto my deviantART and took a painting I made and used it as a book cover for Charles De Lint's "The Little Country". When I discovered this by chance - was googling my name as they had the stupidity to credit me - I contacted them. They promised me compensation. They lied. Instead, they went and reported my image to deviantART to have it deleted, claiming that I stole from them! I got a strike from dA for art theft and Azbooka acted all "OMG sorry, honest mistake" RIGHT!!!
I contacted De Lint and he was shocked. They are making him look bad by adorning his hard work with my hard work THEY STOLE! I make no money off my art which is very hard to create; I studied all my life, what do THEY do? Go online, do a few clicks, and BOOM got all they need because I already did all the real work. That is beyond unethical.

I contacted them again and again and only got ignored.

They never got my permission. They never even ASKED for it! Said they tried to contact me, well, that is a lie or else I'd have heard from them. And if they can't reach someone, they shouldn't go ahead with using their stuff!

I urge people not to buy Azbooka books, and for authors to refrain from publishing with this company who exploits starving arists for profit. Back then, I couldn't afford a lawyer but if there's anything I can do now, oh hell.

What brings this on today? Oh just everybody here talking about plagiarism and making me paranoid, opening up old wounds.