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Thread: Churn Publishing

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    Oct 2015

    Churn Publishing


    I was reading the website from Churn Digital Publishing, who publishes Kimball Lee (I actually can't tell if they publish anyone else *but* Kimball Lee.) Has anyone had any experience with them?


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    Perpetually in transit Helix's Avatar
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    Churn is a dreadful title for a publisher.

    If you sign a multiple book deal, we will manage your entire career while you write the sequels, giving you more time to CHURN out the bestsellers!

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    Preparing for winter VeryBigBeard's Avatar
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    They talk about publishing services being offered at no cost. That they use this language at all is a problem. Not a fatal one, but a bad sign.

    They call an advance a signing bonus.

    They've called the company churn. I have friends in start-ups who spend months working out what to call themselves. It's the beginning of a brand identity. That this publisher has chosen a name synonymous with bad publishing, then proceeds to use language often found in bad publishing shows that this publisher doesn't understand the market. They may be a great place to sell a book. They may have a dedicated readership (though I'm SOL if I want to join that readership as I cannot find their books on their site--they talk a lot about promotion but the most basic of promotion is being able to direct an interested, prospective reader to your publisher's page).

    Tread lightly.

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    Mildly Disturbing Filigree's Avatar
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    Since they are primarily an erotica/erotic romance pub, 'churn' has slightly more relevance to their branding than a synonym for hasty slap-dash production. I'm not interested in them, just pointing that out.

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    seems kind of sketchy to me; submit and try to get published for 50% royalties. Or if you want to keep 100% of your royalties or they don't want to sign you, there are self publishing options starting at 99$ per book. I'm pretty sure that's per title, not per copy.
    Is it considered kosher to play both sides of the aisle, like that?

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Oct 2015
    I have no idea if offering that option is considered ethical...unless they reject EVERYTHING and then push people to pay to get published. It's just something I found, they weren't listed in QueryTracker or PM and so I was curious. The payout is good but then again 50% of nothing is nothing and if they don't really publicize or do anything for you, you're probably better off keeping 70% and indie-publishing...

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    practical experience, FTW S.C. Wynne's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Helix View Post
    Churn is a dreadful title for a publisher.
    That's exactly what I was thinking.

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    Company's run by Lee's son. No sign yet of publishing others.

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