Welcome to Shieldcrest
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The UK's independently acclaimed Number 1 book publisher for quality and service.
Number one, eh? I can't understand why I've never heard of them.

*looks more closely at the home page*

Probably because that ranking is based on Freeindex reviews by Shieldcrest authors - not exactly independent acclamation!

ShieldCrest provides a complete range of services including e-books, book illustration, reviews, proof reading, editing and press releases. Global distribution is provided through Amazon and other major online retailers and our books are available through all bookshops.
The page on which details of 'global distribution' are given features a rather unfortunate graphic of a massive shipping container being lowered onto planet Earth. What the author gets are the usual POD basics -ISBN/barcode, copyright, placement on Amazon and the major book retailer websites.

If we share this cost with you, under our joint venture scheme the cost for this service can be as little as £175.

NB. The only additional cost is for 12 copies of your book for the legal deposit libraries and to ensure key retailers and distributors have stock copies to aid sales.
There are five legal deposit libraries in the UK. How exactly will the other seven copies be used to aid sales?

Shieldcrest seems determined to cram as many misconceptions about publishing as possible onto its website:

Many, if not all of the mainstream publishing houses now only publish works from established authors and celebrities. Although they might claim to create demand for talented new writers, few, if any do. Why?...

Quite simply, itís easier for them, as they have less marketing to do by capitalising on the individualís following. Not unreasonable but it stifles new talent
Not this again.

A mainstream publisher should also protect the author by guaranteeing a minimum up-front royalty, which should be non-refundable but often they donít. This is the reason they pay royalties every 6 months so they can reduce the amount owed by the number of returns.

Everyone in the business recognises there are thousands of excellent manuscripts sitting in desk drawers or agents waste baskets. The problem seems insurmountable.
The solution to this problem is, of course, to pay for publication. Something tells me that Mark Twain is poised to make a guest appearance:

No-one is denying there are advantages getting your work published through a large publishing house. However, for the reasons outlined earlier they can keep themselves busy by simply leaping on the celebrity bandwagon and if you could get yourself on Big Brother or other fly-on-the-wall TV programmes, they would be contacting you for a book.

What they also conveniently forget to tell you is that if they were able to detect talent when they see it, why did well known authors such as J. K. Rowling, Steven King, Lord Byron, T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allen Poe, Leo Tolstoi, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and many others, all start by self publishing.

They were all rejected by main stream publishers so the self-proclaimed experts arenít necessarily able to recognise talent when they see it. However, they were very quick to jump on the bandwagon after their talent was discovered by others.
I'm so tired of this nonsense. Byron, Poe and Tolstoi lived in an age when the publishing industry was completely different to what it is today; STEPHEN King, Mark Twain, J K Rowling and - to the best of my knowledge - T S Eliot didn't start out by self-publishing; and Virginia Woolf was self-published insofar as she founded the highly-regarded Hogarth Press with her husband Leonard Woolf.

The strangest thing about the site is that there is no bookshop and no direct link to the author pages. All I could find were three sample author pages that could have been designed in the late 90s.

A search for Shieldcrest Books on Amazon.uk turned up quite a few publications with no Look Inside feature...and a whole series of detective novels bearing no trace of proofreading, let alone real editing.