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Thread: Aasra Publishing

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    Aasra Publishing

    Welcome to Aasra Publishing

    Aasra Publishing mission is to provide Indie Authors with the resources and support to publish their original manuscript. At Aasra Publishing, we bring together a community of Authors, Readers, Editors, Artists and Illustrators to assist the Author in each stage of the publishing process.
    You know what's coming next, don't you?

    Aasra Publishing was founded by Editor-in-Chief Pam Conlon-Sandhu in her home with her husband Kalwant Sandhu.

    Pam is a self published author and is currently working on 3 additional works for publication in 2013.
    Why do so many self/vanity published authors feel a burning desire to set themselves up as publishers?

    Sandhu, after starting to write, also looked into self-publishing.

    After realizing how easy it is to self-publish if one is determined and has the right software, she and her husband created Aasra Publishing, to encourage and help aspiring writers self-publish.
    It's one thing to self-publish your own work, quite another to take risks with the intellectual property of others. And if their work is being published by Aasra it isn't self-publishing.

    The desire to help other authors to realize their dream of publishing original works grew from a fierce determination not to let any one editor squelch an authors' goal. When a fellow author told her of his frustrations with a large publishing firm, she decided to take her knowledge as a self published author and help other authors navigate the maze.
    Nobody enjoys having their goals squelched, and after reading a statement like that it's surprising to discover that not only does Aasra provide editing but co-founder Pam Conlon-Sandhu is the editor-in-chief. Here's an extract from one of the company's books:

    As she entered the hotel lobby, she could hear the whirling of the fan and an old Mexican man behind the desk said "O'la Senorita" she explained "no espanol" and he switched to English.
    I could have chosen almost any paragraph at random from that Kindle sample, which is the work of Ms Conlon-Sandhu herself published under a pen name.

    You have been warned.

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    I can't shake the mental image of "an old Mexican man" and "fan" whirling in tandem behind a desk . . .

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    Aasra Publishing, for those whose most important requirement of their publisher is being at the top of every alphabetical list.

    The Blue Line, short story published in Oakwood 2017
    Read it free!

    Princess of Pirates: How I Ran Away to Sea: A Memoir,
    represented by Olswanger Literary



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