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Thread: Elephant Rock Books / Elephant Rock Productions

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    Elephant Rock Books / Elephant Rock Productions

    Small publisher. American. They have a recent Printz Honor winner in their lineup. I picked it up in paperback at my library.

    As of this posting, they only accept unsolicited manuscripts during certain open reading periods. They are closed now, but I thought it worthwhile to bring to people's attention.
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    Oh, good. So they are legit, then? An author I'm sorta following on another site wrote a blog post about how they were the only ones who would publish a YA novel of hers, after it won or was a finalist in many contests, and how she left an agent partially because of that mms.

    I hate to be cynical. So often these days when authors share their 'I finally got this published!' tale, the venue turns out to be a vanity or really unprofessional small-press. It's good to hear that this publisher is for real. Good on her!

    Here's a link to her adventure. It might be good for anyone planning to enter Elephant Rock's contest.

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