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Thread: Red Roxy Studios

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    Pervy Fetish Writer EASchechter's Avatar
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    Red Roxy Studios

    This call for submissions came across my radar today. Emphasis is mine:

    My name is Greg Allen, i am a digital artist and graphic designer from the UK and based in Malaga on the Costa Del Sol.

    I am the CEO and owner/founder of Red Roxy Studios; the most prolific creative design studio working exclusively in Adult Entertainment. Our studio is responsible for the creation of a vast chunk of the European pornographic film box art and advertising. We work with the biggest producers and performers in the business.

    We are looking for TALENTED writers for our website

    Blogs, articles, satire, reviews, stories... I have personally dedicated thousands of hours to my business unpaid to give myself an artistic launchpad. Anyone who inquires as to how much money per article can go and fuck themselves. What we are offering is high-end graphics, branding and marketing to ALL of our writers and the exposure of the whole Adult Industry.

    I am looking for a few outstanding individuals... that is why I am looking on Fetlife. Many of you will pass on this opportunity because it's human nature. Others of you will scoff... that too is human nature. The bright, opportunistic individuals that I'm looking for already started replying... even before they began to read this paragraph.

    So what are you going to do?

    Attempts to call him on this have degenerated into namecalling. I'd HIGHLY recommend that people avoid this venue.
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    Sorry, buddy, high-end graphics and $3.50 will get me a hipster cuppa coffee.

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    figuring it all out Zaffiro's Avatar
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    'If you refuse to put up with bad treatment from me, it's a sign of a character flaw in you' is a standard technique of all kinds of lovely people, from bullies to con men to cults. IMO, it's one of the biggest red flags there is.

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    Fuelled by tea and crumpets. Anna_Hedley's Avatar
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    So, of course, he must be willing to offer his design services for free. After all, his work is getting exposure from successful women in the adult industry. Oh wait. His services start at 99. Funny that.
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