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Thread: [Pirate] Freebooksvampire

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    Exclamation [Pirate] Freebooksvampire

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so if this is on the wrong forum, or if it shouldn't be on AW at all, Mods please feel free to move or delete it. I just thought this might be important for my fellow AWers to know about so that they can take action if the website I'm talking about is posting their books for free when it's not supposed to be.

    I'm posting right now to let you all know that while I was doing an online search today for information on a particular book series that I'm interested in, I discovered that several of the books from that series, along with (apparently) THOUSANDS of other books from various authors, and genres, both popular and not popular books/series, have been made available on that website for FREE. I'm talking about the ENTIRE TEXT of these books, on the website, available at any time to anyone. You don't even have to do a download, they are literally just sitting there, all the pages, all the text, available to read. For free.

    The website is

    Am I the only one who thinks this might be illegal?

    Like I said, there are many, many, books on that website by various authors, and from various genres, both popular and non popular, all available for free. Among the books that are on that website for free that I have a feeling aren't supposed to be available for free are: "Go Set a Watchman", the entire "Twilight Saga", the entire "Divergent" series, the entire "Dresden File series" and many more.

    I just thought it might be important for my fellow AW writers to know about this in case any of your books are on that website and you don't want them to be there. There is a "disclaimer" (not sure if that's the right word) of sorts at the top of the home page of freebooksvampire that says, "If we violate your copyright, please contact us for,we will delete it as quickly as possible!"

    Although the freebooksvampire website does NOT appear to have any sort of internal search engine, nor does it actually list all of the tiles/authors that are apparently available on the website under the various tabs that are at the top of each page, I have discovered that if you use the Google or Bing search engines, type in the keywords "free book vampire, [insert title of book] by [insert author]" you will get a link to that book on the freebooksvampire website if it is there. If you are a published author and would not want your book to be available for free on freebooksvampire, I suggest that you do this search and make sure that your book is not on there, and if it is, can take the appropriate action from there.

    I've already contacted the author of the series that I mentioned at the beginning of this post (not an AW member, just FYI), to ask her if she was aware that her books are on freebooksvampire so that she can take action if she doesn't want them to be there.

    Just trying to be helpful and make sure my fellow authors aren't having their books stolen.
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    There are, unfortunately, a ton of websites for pirated books. It is illegal, but what authors can do about it, I have no idea.
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    Here's how to file a DMCA take down notice.

    Please not that you must fill / file it properly or it can be ignored with ipunity.

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    Yeah, this is a huge problem right now. There was another huge one (something-tree?) that authors discovered, to their horror, a couple of months back. There's even a thread from 2010 with similar shenanigans going on.

    This one actually seems fairly basic and clunky. Some of the recent ones I've seen look really slick, designed to fool people into thinking they're a perfectly legal site.

    It's really not good. I don't know any author who has the energy to issue takedowns to all these sites that are popping up, though. I know plenty who tried, and plenty who had to give up.
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    WOW! Brazen. I feel dirty for even clicking on it.

    I imagine Harper Collins will have something to say about Go Set A Watchman being there.

    ETA: Because there was a link to do so, I made a report to Harper Collins about Go Set A Watchman. They responded within 4 hours that they've issued takedown notices. HC uses an outside service to police its authors' IP so I can hope that upon seeing this site, they're at least looking for all HC titles, but who knows. If the big publishers all get on them, it would certainly be a blow.
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    Various authors with my publisher come across these types of piracy sites every few months. Generally, it's a scam to get your credit card info. Since these are free, maybe they end us scamming you out of something else just from you visiting their site?

    My publisher does the proper take down notices, notifies her other publisher contacts about the site, and the sites are usually suspended or taken down quickly. I'm not saying your book's not gonna be read for free, but chances are the site won't last long if it is, in fact, giving away your book for free.

    On one particular pirate site my book was on, they claimed it had been downloaded 500 times. Less than a minute later it claimed 2,000 times, then 10,000, and back to several hundred. I don't fear these sites anymore.


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