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Thread: Books With Benefits Press

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    Books With Benefits Press

    Does anyone have any experience with Books with Benefits Press?

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    right here

    The talk about accepting submissions but also offering paid services. So... not clear really.
    Emily Veinglory

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    There's no information about the professional background of the two principals named in the "About" section, but a little Google-fu reveals that one is an English teacher who writes under the pen name of Autumn Stark - one of the company's two authors (how about that). I don't see any publishing background for either, and very few books for a company that's two years old.

    Statements like this send up a red flag for me:

    Unlike many of the larger presses, we put great emphasis on your participation in the production of your novel. We want you to be involved from conception to delivery — final manuscript, cover, final title, and publicity. You are, after all, the person who knows your book the best.
    I don't know whether that's veiled speech for "author has to kick in for these services," or merely a variation on the usual small press warning that marketing is largely going to be on the author's shoulders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veinglory View Post

    The talk about accepting submissions but also offering paid services. So... not clear really.
    Yes, and this doesn't really help their case either (my bolding) --

    Submit your query letter (cover letter), synopsis of your complete novel, and the first three chapter to our email
    They don't proofread their own G/L; not a great sign.

    This particular next bit (off their About page) hits one of my pet peeves; writers who presume that their category is capitalized in every instance. YA is not Young Adult, nor is sf (SF) Science Fiction.

    A small Indie Press, we focus on you, the author, and your book.
    So yeah, not people I would want editing before I did a copyedit. That would increase my workload with things they didn't notice nor tell the author about... who may be a debut author and get a few passes on that debut.

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