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Thread: Endurance Writing 101

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    figuring it all out Damon Shulenberger's Avatar
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    Endurance Writing 101

    I have come to see myself as an endurance writer. At age 40, I don't have the money to be still striving for a breakthrough as a serious author, postponing the other life decisions that should be made when one reaches this defining age. But in the past year-and-a-half some events have occured that broke through the barriers, gave me renewed purpose.

    In late 2013 I broke an endurance record in tournament poker and used the winnings to self publish a poetry-art collaboration I had a lot invested in artistically. There followed 3 months of serious manuscript revision of the novel Arisugawa Park, a book partially based on my 5 years teaching English in Japan.This was the mental afterburn of the record-breaking experience: if I can win this crazy tournament, I can certainly finish a novel so outside-the-box it took me 10 years to conceptualize and craft.

    This effort paid off, somehow. I received the annual 2014 Book Passage Mystery Writer's Conference scholarship (selected through a 5-page manuscript submission) and met my current agent Kimberley in person - she is always a featured guest.

    I'll continue the story in the upcoming weeks..
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