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Thread: Auspicious Apparatus Press

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    Auspicious Apparatus Press

    Saw this publisher come up on my G+ feed and came for opinions, etc.

    Auspicious Apparatus Press

    I think the section that worries me most is this part on their submission page:
    Tell us about your editor. Works that have not been professionally edited will likely not be considered.
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    That is a worrying statement. Publishers should edit the manuscripts they acquire!

    I do really like their quirky name, though.
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    They do specify that they do editing on accepted work. The notion that a work will always be better just because a professional touched it is a bit silly, though. Let the work stand on its own and reject it if it's bad, not because someone didn't pay to have more eyes on it.

    The colors on the website make it a little difficult to read, and the header image is way too large. Which is odd because his personal website for his editing services is just fine. No typos are jumping out at me, so that's a good sign. He offers editing services (both through AAP and freelance) but specifies that people he publishes are not charged.

    The owner of the press, Todd Barselow, has freelance editing services ( and also works for Imajin Books (, a press I havne't heard of (and not to be confused with ImaJinn, which has a thread here). I'd be a little worried he'd spread himself too thin. (Imajin also says they want professionally edited books, which may be where he's getting it from, but they don't ask for information on your editor).

    That they also have a focus on audiobooks is interesting. Shame they don't have more info on that part of the process, like who they use for narration, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiakall View Post
    He offers editing services (both through AAP and freelance) but specifies that people he publishes are not charged.
    Call me cynical, but I still sense a potential conflict of interest. Sure, he says his published authors aren't charged, but what's to prevent him from offering editing services to manuscripts that "aren't quite there yet," implying that if they pay for editing they'll be be accepted for publication?

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    Just chiming in to note that the title of this thread is misspelled, which may make it harder for people searching for info about the publisher to find it.

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