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Thread: GGP Publishing, Inc.

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    GGP Publishing, Inc.


    Has anyone had any experience dealing with GGP Publishing, Inc.?


    On their website, it does state that they provide literary agent representation, but just browsing their site, I get the sense that they work with textbooks and foreign language books, and not fiction.

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    They are an author services provider - meaning they charge you for those services. Their emphasis seems to be on textbooks, and it appears to me that their agency representation is strictly for those wishing to sell foreign rights. (Ask yourself why, if you already have a publisher, you'd need an agent?)
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    Interesting. They seem to do third-party contract work/outsourcing for other publishers, as evidenced by their Client List. Their How We Work page seems to support this. The services they provide to authors who wish to self publish are most certainly fee-for-service, and "advis[ing] you on distribution" makes it pretty clear that they don't do this for you. You get your book, produced at who-knows what cost, and all the best to you.

    Perhaps publishers pay for such services routinely as part of book production (I have no idea--Old Hack, HappySofi, or others, do you know?) but it's not something I as an author would pay for. It's a safe bet it's not a cheap service.

    My questions to any prospective author would be: 1) What can they do for you as a self-publishing author that you can't get done more cheaply elsewhere and 2) Is a textbook outsourcer the best company to produce your novel?
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