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Thread: [Agency] The Book Group

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    [Agency] The Book Group

    Their new, this year. Their backed up by a lot of good people. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    No experience, but if I were still looking for an agent I'd send to them.

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    Has anyone gotten feedback from them yet? Their website simply says they don't personally reply to queries, but I'm wondering if they are a "No from one=no from all" agency...

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    The Book Group

    I couldn't find an existing thread, I apologize if there is already one. Just wondering if anyone has experience with THE BOOK GROUP? They look pretty reputable just wondering on any personal experience?


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    I trust you searched for an existing thread and might've faced difficulties because the agency name uses some common words; I was able to find the existing thread here: <snipped>

    Not much information there either.

    However, I know that Faye Bender is reputable, and I believe that the other agents are too. If you want to do further research, I encourage you to look up each agent individually to see their record.
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    Thanks Kayley, I hadn't found that thread. Looking by the books the rep they seem like a good agency. I had searched some of the agents but information was limited there as well. Always nice to hear personal experiences. However, sometimes not being able to find a thread is a good sign too.


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