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Thread: DAOwen Publications

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    DAOwen Publications

    Came across this while looking at their one imprint "Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications" ( They also have imprints Love Knot Books ( for romance, Wicked Tales ( for horror, and Tumbleweed Books ( for...everything else, I guess.

    It looks like the whole thing is a one-man show and I'm not seeing anything offhand that suggests that he has previous experience before opening up four imprints. My impression's rather the opposite: not the best grammar on the (SF&FP) site, marketing is solely on the author, no advances, only books (currently released) are his own, focuses on new authors...

    I actually found this place through a link on Twitter to a blog post (http://www.scififantasypublications....-time-to-blog/) where he rejects someone for not wanting to run a blog, but weirdly I can't find a link to their blog on the website itself. It looks like they push all their blog posts through social media, but you'd think you'd have an actual blog page for easy access.

    I have no idea what he's trying to say with this part:

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications is a content provider to a number of high profile companies; among these you will recognize Ingram, SONY, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith and Apple. Unlike other publishers that use a third party to distribute their content, Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications profits from a direct relationship with many companies. We also distribute to many smaller companies such as, Diesel eBooks, as well as a number of international eBook retailers around the world.
    Is this a fancy way of saying he's got availability through the normal platforms?
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    Yep. Bog-standard e/POD founded to self-publish the owner.
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    How many books does his blog sell?

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    Never ever sent this guy an email, yet one from him to me showed up this morning. Here's the text.

    Hello Authors,
    We're getting things set up for the anthology but need to get a little legal thing out of the way first.
    In order to get this part out of the way, please forward your legal information:

    1. Full Legal Name
    2. Full Legal Address

    We'll have the contracts drawn up for publication of the stories and sent to you. Please print, date, sign, and scan it. Email the contracts back for countersigning and return.

    If you have not already done it, please send your 300 DPI image (head shot) to us ASAP.

    Thank you.

    Wild. Any idea what his game is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Drakich View Post
    Wild. Any idea what his game is?
    I'd suggest replying to ask. It could be a mistake or it could be a really weird way to ask your permission to reprint something. Either way, best to find out and be clear about what's going on.
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