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Thread: Brain Mill Press

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    Brain Mill Press

    Another new company:

    Brain Mill Press

    Brand spankin' new, in fact. No titles currently available. They've posted about their novella contest elsewhere in AW - the usual $25 entry fee, and the winner gets $250 plus publication. No indication of what rights the publisher takes.

    Somewhat limited trade publishing experience from the principals. Their masthead page proclaims:

    Love Books for Humans
    A story-first publisher founded by authors, supported by readers,
    and coveted on bookshelves

    Whatever that means.
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    They have an option where you can donate money to support their press.

    We built in press support so that patronage could happen at multiple levels. Those who become press supporters are donating to support production of future titles, including design, art, materials, and staffing.
    And you get a Brain Mill t-shirt in return (if your contribution is over $100).

    Genre is muddy : they publish "love books", which are about the human experience of love. One of the founders is a successful author, but that doesn't translate to being a successful publisher. I'd avoid unless they proved themselves.
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    I think I have "love books" translated. They're romance people, but they want to publish at least some books that break the very strict rules of the genre - for example by not having a HEA/HFN ending.

    They claim industry experience.

    They're trying an experiment by making a limited edition print book with extra stuff for pre-orders. I'd be intrigued to see if that works out. I think one of them is a book designer and they're interested in making print books more valuable with design and stuff you can't do in ebooks.

    The entry fee to the contest also makes you a "member" - with a discount on book purchases. Whether it's a good deal or not depends on whether you like their books (no way of knowing) and how many they make. The entry fee/prize ratio is unfavorable, so I wouldn't enter even if I had something suitable. I'm not sure this is a good way to get initial subs because of that. It's a good way to get money out of inexperienced writers, though. (And it's even themed, it opened in March and it closes June 1 - that's not a lot of time to write a good novella from scratch unless you don't have a day job - even then, if you aren't a fast writer).

    I'm not sure this one is red flagging so much as making me go "Huh." The contest is a red flag. The love books thing I think I get, though.
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    Run like heck and watch from a long distance with binoculars.

    Only an idiot opens a publishing house without having any books to sell and accepts "donations" to stay afloat.

    I expect this one's hoping to make a living from eager contest entrants.

    Um, no. No, thank you.

    The general rule is wait and see if they're still in business after a year.

    Hope there's a redesign on the website. Those brains creep me out.

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    First books are out. Mostly poetry and novellas.
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