Thought I'd start a thread on this since they appear to be trawling for their next contest: http://www.inkitt.com/epicworlds Submit your work to someone who doesn't understand publication rights on a site with no notable presence, game their vote, and maybe you can win $100! Wowee! /sarcasm

They were brought up on a fanfiction forum I help mod a while back because they do publish fanfiction (of course, there's no fandom sorting mechanism so it's basically worthless as a fanfic archive). They offer the ability to import all your work from fanfiction.net, but apparently don't require so much as a ffnet login, so it would be horrendously easy to steal someone else's work to put it on this site.

They're apparently also spamming people about the contest, wanting them to download .zip files - because that TOTALLY seems safe: https://twitter.com/ChuckWendig/stat...79649434918913