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Thread: Rogue agents

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    Gordon Thorburn

    Rogue agents

    Greetings to all from sunny Devon, UK. Over here we have publishers who draw you in to a self-publishing scam and who steal your idea and run off with it, but we don't (as far as I know) have agents who do such things.

    I have just started to look for a US agent and already I have found one who is a front for a self-pub racket (this one is on your Ten Most Unwanted list, which I hadn't seen at the time). Another said she couldn't be interested in me because she was already working on a similar project. Hm, well, possible, but very unlikely.

    I've managed reasonably well without a UK agent but I don't think I can do that so far away across the pond. Any ideas for a solid, reliable agent interested in World War II non-fiction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Thorburn
    Any ideas for a solid, reliable agent interested in World War II non-fiction?
    May I recommend a way to start researching both agents and publishers interested in such books? Go to Amazon. Search for books on that topic. Note the publishers, and find out who agented the books. (The Index at the top of this forum lists threads that tell you how to do this.) Ask some of the fine people on AW to see which of those books are actually in bookstores, because an Amazon listing doesn't mean much. Research those publishers and agents (again, the Index lists threads on how to do this), and submit to the ones you find most promising, following their guidelines exactly.

    The very best of luck to you.
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    Ditto what Aconite said, and when in doubt, contact Writer Beware.

    These also might be useful to you:

    Good luck!

    (And where the merry hell did the sun go? It's gone all overcast, that will teach me to go and do some weeding.)
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    If I recall correctly, John Ware was Stephen Ambrose's agent.


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