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Thread: [Reviews] Reading Alley

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    I wish I was as cool as this cat. Kay's Avatar
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    Feb 2013

    [Reviews] Reading Alley

    Discovered this the other day when another author mentioned it: Reading Alley.

    Publishers and authors sign up (for a fee, $25 as of right now) to get their books on the site. Reviewers use the site to get books to review (I believe it's free for reviewers).

    If a reviewer requests a book, the author or publisher has to give them permission.

    I'm not a reviewer. Would reviewers use a site like this? It seems like it'd be better for self-published authors and those with an indie publisher.

    Then there's the whole points thing that reviewers earn, but I'm not sure what the points are good for. Can anyone chime in on Reading Alley?

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    Grr. Argh. Thedrellum's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Houston, Texas
    I have no experience with Reading Alley, but it sounds pretty much exactly the same as NetGalley. The latter, from what I know, pretty much dominates this market, so if I were going to use this service I'd probably head there first.

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    I wish I was as cool as this cat. Kay's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    I just wondered if I missed something. Why set up something so similar to Net Galley? I thought maybe they were appealing to more indie and self-pubbed authors, or there was something very different from Net Galley that I missed.


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