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Thread: [Promotion] Texas Association of Authors / Texas Authors, Inc.

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    [Promotion] Texas Association of Authors / Texas Authors, Inc.

    This came on to my radar recently and it appears to be a Yet Another (steeply priced) Display Site.

    Membership starts at 100.00, though it's 115.00 on another page, and 500.00 if you want "advertizing" added on.

    So far as I can tell the promotion seems limited to the website and maybe you get a bumper sticker. There's no mention of tote bags or lollipop trees, but they may not have thought of those yet.

    "Texas Association of Authors was created by B. Alan Bourgeois in 2011 when he realized that a program of some sort needed to be created that gave authors a ‘boost’ in their ability to sale and market their books. As an author, he struggled along with thousands of others trying to find the one thing to separate him from everyone else."

    My take is that this is not a venue I would recommend, there being little to no obvious return on the investment to writers. However, it must be a nice little extra income trickle for Mr. Bourgeois.

    The place has a business sponsorship with Black Rose Writing, which uses Publish America / America Star Books as an example. BR has a thread in this forum. BR is out 500.00 bucks on that one, so there's some delicious irony there.

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    I missed this when I replied in the Black Rose thread. This guy's name is on the whois listing for the site.

    I looked up his profile on Amazon, and he has been published with PublishAmerica and another vanity press along with being self-pubbed.

    This is the site's About page:

    I'm Texas-based, but personally I don't see a lot of benefit. I wish him luck, but would strongly suggest he work on site design. The sponsors list is a shopping cart.
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    I added all the sponsors to my cart and checked out. All it cost me was shipping and handling!


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