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Thread: [Publishing svcs] Osmora, Inc.

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    [Publishing svcs] Osmora, Inc.

    They seem to be a free ebook distributor and formatter.

    Web of Trust's rating on the website is poor, and they don't have many twitter followers.

    You cannot choose which stores to distribute to, and must distribute to all. You cannot turn off DRM.
    The ebook file has a "page" with a big Osmora seal on it. That was how I found out about them. Example (I am not affiliated with this book in any way. I found it on their twitter.)

    If you send a PDF, you have to pay a fee to "disassemble" the PDF so it can be digitized.
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    They take 10% commission. So you would need to add that to the retailers commission and compare the outcome to other similar services like D2D and Smashwords. I can't remember their commissions of the top of my head. Direct uploading would probably still be your best deal for major outlets like Kindle.
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