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Thread: Mirror World Publishing

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    Mirror World Publishing

    A new publisher. Some discussion from the Musa Publishing thread follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hack View Post
    Mirror World Publishing claims to be republishing some of Musa's titles.

    Mirror World has only been open for a year. The brief information it gives about its principals suggests that neither had any publishing experience prior to opening Mirror World. I wish them the best of luck but can't help wincing at this announcement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marian Perera View Post
    Checked out Mirror World's website, and it didn't fill me with confidence. This is from one of the blurbs:

    This series of novels will teach you how to adapt, how to survive and how to succeed no matter what faces you and most importantly it will teach you to find the most powerful weapon to you need to defend what you care about; belief in yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mclesh View Post
    Personally, I try to stay away from publishers who won't even proofread their own websites.
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hack View Post
    Everyone does. But still: jumping from a failed press to an untested press run by people with no publishing experience is not the best way to get your books before their potential readers.

    I see nothing this publisher can offer anyone which they couldn't get for themselves through self publishing.
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    Subbed on 12/2 Rejection came on Christmas day, with suggestions for an editor and beta readers. Same sub sent to Julie Crisp (formerly TOR uk) not a mention of any such, she loved it but can't place it. This is just a basic time line for anyone thinking of subbing.
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    For the reissued Musa books, the first problem I'm seeing is no indication they're reprints (e.g., on the copyright page). (example)
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